Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Art World Domination of Rolnik/McIntosh: sneak peek of limited edition Old Skool print release

Daniel Rolnik and Ryan McIntosh are dangerous enough on their own, but now that they are combining their tireless forces, we should all tremble. Art world domination is close at hand. Oh sure, they seem all cute, and nice, and friendly but think about it. How could anybody work as hard and fast as these guys do, and still be so damn perky? It just ain't natural. I've suggested before that Rolnik, in particular, might be something other than a carbon based lifeform.

Seriously though, these crazy kids are onto something here, by teaming up to release limited edition old school screenprints by top tier artists such as Bob Dob, Gary Baseman, Gregory Siff, Christine Wu (just to name a few). They will be debuting the the initial fruits of their labors May 19, 2013 at the Venice Art Walk.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit Ryan at his super-secret lab to see some of the work in progress. I can tell you first hand that these prints are gorgeous. These are not inkjet posters hiding behind the charade that is 'giclee'. These are true works of art that the artists themselves had a personal hand in. They're real beauties!

Here's what Ryan had to say about it all:

So, you’re doing these old school, hand-pulled screen prints? No shortcuts?
Ryan McIntosh:

Yeah, that’s kind of the idea. With everyone’s prints, we’ve even sent the artists transparencies and had them do all the separations, by drawing out each layer – the traditional way that printmaking should be done. The exception is Christine Wu, because how she works is, she does her drawings really small, in a sketchbook. Then she scans them into the computer, and starts layering them up in Photoshop. Then she prints them out as big photocopies and transfers those onto her canvas, using some sort of chemical that removes the ink from the paper, and then she paints back into them. So that visual step is part of her painting process. So we actually did her transparency digitally, and then she came in and played around with all the different layers for the actual print, and for the background we did a traditional Rubylith mask.

So, basically what we’re trying to do is take screen-printing, and the printmaking process away from just being a thing that artists use to make reproductions. People think of screen-printing as like posters. Like ‘Oh, you’re making posters.’ No, we’re making real art. We want to make unique multiples, unlike anything that already exists.

Daniel & Ryan (under the name Intelectual Property Prints) will be unleashing prints from Eric Joyner, Daniel Edwards, Michael Sieben, Christine Wu, Bob Dob, Gary Baseman, Jason Shawn AlexanderRyan McIntosh, and Gregory Siff at the Venice Art Walk on May 19th, 2013. I'm told they may also have prints by Kozy n' Dan, and David Flores. They're keeping the prices affordable too, so don't you dare miss it!

Christine Wu

Christine Wu separations

Bob Dob print - edition of 40

Gregory Siff print

Eric Joyner's several shades of gray.

Ryan McIntosh laying out the multiple screens for Eric Joyner's print.

Eco-friendly green inks!


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