Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Cure For The Summertime Blues

I assume this dusty, little corner of the internet is usually visited by artists, and/or friends. Some of whom have asked why I stopped writing, and if I'll ever get back to doing that again. I don't really have an answer for that yet. The reasons for my recent silence here are many, and some are complicated. Ask me, next time you see me. Maybe I'll tell you.

In the meantime, as summer 2015 comes to a close, Los Angeles is awash in art events. I feel compelled to tell you about four of them (full disclosure, I'm in 3 of them). All of which are happening this weekend. First up, is "The Late, Late Show" , a special Mike Street solo show at Beyond Baroque, opening tonight at 4pm. This  show will feature a plethora of Felliniesque "Italian film stills" that Mike has created over the course of many years. Mr. Street is a staple of the Los Angeles art scene, and one of the kindest humans you will ever meet.

After "The Late, Late Show", you should head over to Santa Monica to see "Girl Scouts and Adventure Guides" at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery. It will be a celebration of summer, camp, cookies, exploration and general irreverence. The opening is from 7 - 11pm tonight.

Tomorrow is the closing event of "Spectrum Gestalt 2" at bG Gallery Bergamot Station. This is a massive group show where every piece of art  is grouped together in order of color. You might think that would be an assault on your eyeballs, but it ends up being a soothing visual experience that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere outside of nature. Closing event starts at 2pm on Sunday.

Lastly, is "Faux Show: Social Realism" at Balconi Coffee Purveyors in West Los Angeles. Curated by Kio Griffith, this is part of a series of shows where contemporary artists get a chance to offer their take on the classics. Think of it as "cover songs" in paint. This time around, the show features the two artists I named "Best New Artists" in my 2014, Valerie Pobjoy and Phil Santos. It will also include my homage to Dorothea Lange's iconic "Migrant Mother" photograph. I have a deep, personal connection to that photograph, and I hope that comes through in my piece. The opening for this one is 7pm Sunday.

At any rate, my bias aside, these are four wonderful shows for you to attend this weekend, You're welcome!

Click on the links above for specifics and logistics.

Spanish Girl by Valerie Pobjoy

Monsanto Meets American Gothic by Phil Santos

Dust by KrossD

You Are What You Eat by KrossD