Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Questions with OM BLEICHER

Om Bleicher hails from Australia. He came out to California to visit family about nine years ago, and was taken with what he calls 'the wild west art scene' in Los Angeles. This led him to open bG Gallery in Santa Monica. Om is an interesting cat to say the least. He's a soft spoken gent, but in the short time I've known him, I've overheard him debating the relative merits of self-importance, and seen him strike up a spur of the moment chat about quantum physics.

Om has just opened a second gallery at Bergamot Station. The first show at the new space, Spectrum Gestalt (co-curated with Daniel Rolnik), is a sprawling group show hung salon style and grouped by color. Hanging the work this way ends up having a unifying effect on the art. Nothing is clashing, or at odds with one another. It's fascinating, and strangely soothing.

The second of his 'Spectacle' shows Art of the Spectacular opens this Saturday. I caught up with Om yesterday to throw 5 Questions at him.

1) It’s hard enough to run one gallery successfully. What possessed you to open a second?

Well, I just saw the space and it seemed pretty cool. I don’t know, I just have ideas and I want to make them happen.

2) Is Spectrum Gestalt an exercise in color theory? What prompted the idea?

I’m an artist as well as a gallerist. I have a few installations that use gestalt ideas. It’s a way to bring all the artists that I’ve worked with in the past together and introduce them to a new audience.

3) What kind art are you looking to show here?

I’m not afraid to show art that crosses genres. For instance, I’m not going to NOT show an artwork from the illustration world next a conceptual artwork. I’m looking for art that taps into the human condition, across fields.

4) What do you consider the most nauseating trend in art?

Hmmm, Damien Hirst dots? I think I’m sick of seeing, just people not taking risks, and gallerists second guessing their audience. Trends just come and go, you know?

5) Has a work of art ever made you cry?

Brought tears to my eyes? Yeah. There’s a piece by Courtney Reid, whose one of my artists, about three years ago. It’s called “Bald People” or something like that. Just the way that she paints---like, there’s no eyes in her paintings. So, it allows you to connect with it on a visceral level.

"Art Of The Spectacular" opens March 25 

bG Gallery at Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue
Space G8A
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Stunning cross-stitch by Ellen Schinderman

Stu Rappeport stacked.

"A Freedom To Be Free" by Daniel Rolnik

"Untitled" by Mary Delioussina

"Blank" by Douglas Alvarez

"Scooter" by Hadia Finley

"Bob Floated To Tiffany's" by Nancy Larrew

Friday, March 14, 2014

All Tomorrow's Parties

So you're stuck in Los Angeles on a Saturday night, and there's absolutely nothing for an intellectual such as yourself to do. Well, that's just horseshit! On the off chance that I haven't promoted Matjames Metson enough, let me remind you that his second solo show at Coagula Curatorial, 'A Better Home For A Quiet Wolf' has it's grand unveiling at 7pm tomorrow.

But before that, you can hear Coagula's diabolical mastermind Mat Gleason exhort upon 'The Future of Art' at a panel discussion alongside Marlene Picard, and Jim Daichendt. The discussion will be moderated by Daniel Rolnik at Flower Pepper Gallery at 1pm. While you're there, check out the 'Season Of Spring' show. It's pretty cool.

Also, if you're ambitious and feel like gallery hopping, 'Face It', a jam packed, all-star group show opens tomorrow night at Gabba Gallery! I could passively/aggressively whine about how I would have been perfect for 'Face It', but since I'm in the above mentioned 'Season of Spring' show, and both my pieces have sold, I'll exercise a modicum of restraint. Hey! Rolnik has work in 'Face It' too, so you have three events tomorrow that are all somewhat connected. I'll give a KrossD print to the first person to tie them all to Kevin Bacon.

Coagula Curatorial
974 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, California 90012

Flower Pepper Gallery
121 East Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

The Gabba Gallery
3126 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90057

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art Picks of the Month - March 2014

"March comes in like a lion..."

Every so often the art gods smile down on Los Angeles and give us a cornucopia of fine art to behold. Such is the case this March. You have a plethora of choices, so let me help narrow them down for you. Some of my favorite artists drawing breath are showing work in L.A. this month. Grab you're calendar and a pen (not a pencil). Here's what you need to see:

March 1st:

Daniel Rolnik curated "The Season of Spring" for Flower Pepper in Pasadena. The exhibit faetures something like 138 artists from around the globe, including JAW Cooper, Liz McGrath, Anthony Ausgang, Alex Schaefer, and Ryan McIntosh. This show isn't fucking around! The prices will range from free (yeah) to around $200. Why would you miss this?

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I am in the show too. But I'd be recommending it regardless. You can click here for a little interview I did for the show.

Opening reception: March 1st, 6 pm. It's cash and carry so get there early.

Flower Pepper Gallery
121 East Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

Tel: 626.795.1895

March 8th:

"Drawings by Lowell Darling" at Future Studio Gallery.

It's Lowell Darling. Just trust me.

Opening reception: March 8th, 7 pm

Future Studio Gallery
5558 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 254-4565

March 15th:

"A Better Home for a Quiet Wolf" - Matjames Metson at Coagula Curatorial.

Look, nobody is doing what Matjames is doing, NOBODY. You're gonna hear more from me (and him) about that soon. In the meantime, you can read the first thing I ever wrote about the guy by clicking here.
I've seen some of the new work in progress, and really, it's upper tier.

Opening reception: March 15th, 7 pm.

Coagula Curatorial
974 Chung King Road, Los Angeles CA 90012
(424) 226-2485

March 29th:

"Sinful Saints & Saintly Sinners at the Margins of the Americas" at The Fowler Museum.

In case "A Quiet Wolf" doesn't satiate your appetite, Matjames is in this show too.

Opening Reception: March 29th, 6 pm.
RSVP by March 7, 2014
(310) 206-7001 or

The Fowler Museum is located in the heart of UCLA's north campus.