Saturday, April 5, 2014

Art Pick of the Week: Of History And Hope

Nicole Bruckman is a friend to the wild and furry creatures. It's very rare to come across one of her paintings that doesn't feature a lovingly rendered animal somewhere within it. I've recently become acquainted with one of her favorite models, an achingly sweet and adorable pit bull named Atticus.  Both Nicole and Atticus wiil be at Flower Pepper Gallery tonight to open Of History And Hope. This show was curated by Nicole, and features over fifty artists who have created specific works honoring extinct, endangered and exotic animals. Describing the exhibit, Nicole says:
"All of the works that exist within this exhibition are created to inspire us to recognize and respect the value in all living beings and in hopes that the human race may become more conscious and considerate of the bond between ourselves and the animal kingdom. Each artist participating in this exhibition has been carefully selected, so that once woven together, the gallery will be transformed into an incredibly fantastic painted menagerie."
There's another reason you should see this show, too, it's the right thing to do. 10% of the proceeds from the show will be donated to Lions, Tigers & Bears: A Large Cat & Exotic Animal Rescue located in San Diego County. They work to provide safe haven for the exotic animals they rescue, as well as to educate the public about the growing population of abandoned and unwanted exotic animals and where they come from.

Even if you're unable to make it to show in person, you can still help the critters by purchasing work from the show online.

 Of History And Hope
opens today (April 5th) with a reception from 6:30 -9:30
The show runs through May 2nd, 2014

Flower Pepper Gallery
121 East Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

Tel: 626.795.1895

Affirmation by Jaclyn Alderete

Deep Sea Divers by Leila Ataya

Bear Bear by Kisung Koh
Night Blooming by Kisung Koh

Companion by Mariam Keurjikian

Caucus Race by Simon Kangiser

Tiger Eyes by Tiffany Liu

Tooth and Nail by Craww

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