Saturday, December 27, 2014

Preview: Hudson Marquez - "Rhythm And Shoes" at La Luz De Jesus

When I first wrote about Hudson Marquez, there was no official website, no Wikipedia page for the man. That's all changed now and, artists being Narcissists at heart, I'll take a chunk of credit for that.
Hudson was a partner in the rabble rousing art collective Ant Farm, he created Cadillac Ranch, co-founded TVTV (which helped shaped television and reporting as we know it today). His work has been shown at the Whitney, MOMA, and various other cathedrals of "high art". So, one could look at Hudson Marquez through a complex prism, if one so chose. Spend a little time with the guy though, and you'll start to see one major thread running through this vast body of work. As an artist, as a provocateur, as a writer, and right down to the bone as a human being, Hudson Marquez is a storyteller. Maybe the best I've ever known. If you ever get the opportunity, ask him to tell you about Ray Johnson.

So, "Rhythm And Shoes", opening January 9th at La Luz De Jesus, proves to be quintessential Hudson. Music lore, the blues especially, is filthy with dark tales of hell hounds, poison meals, and murderous deeds in back alleys. With this show, Hudson explores some events he witnessed first hand, like the time Robert Pete Williams saw the devil and bit Doug Michels foot. I'm not sure if Hudson was there when Little Richard got slapped with a catfish, but it happened. He's also painted scenarios that play out in the recesses of his wicked imagination, like Freddie King's last meal (with Dave Alvin). He juxtaposes all of this with a healthy dose of obsessive foot fashion, a recurring theme with Hud. All painted with a deft, and deliberate nod to some of his earliest influences; fore-bearers like Chester Gould, Al Capp and the like.

Hudson gave me a preview of the show, which I'm happy to share with you here. All of the paintings are 36' x 48', and he has a story about that too. Ask him!

Rhythm And Shoes
opens January 9th and runs through February 1st
There will be an artist talk with Hudson on January 18th (don't miss that).

La Luz De Jesus
4633 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA. 90027
(323) 666-7667

Robert Pete Williams Bites an Architect

Ike and the Devil Go Camping

Was This Freddie King's Last Meal?

Huey Piano Smith Takes Frankie Ford To Get His Hairs Done

Six Mules

Conking and Stepping

Incident At The Dew Drop Inn

Cruel Shoes

Ronnie (detail)

High Hair and Higher Heels

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