Friday, October 26, 2012

Art Pick of the Week: Leigh Salgado at Coagula Curatorial

Leigh Salgado's "free form cut paper" sculptures (?), paintings (?), assemblage (?), um...let's say indefinable works of art have to be seen to be believed. Even then, you probably won't believe it, but no other artist has ever explored anatomical themes or feminist concepts quite like Salgado. Don't even start with me about Judy Chicago, this is something else entirely. At least I think it is, but I have a "why" chromosome.

At any rate, trust me when I tell you that "New Work" at Coagula Curatorial will surely be the best art bet in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Oh, did I forget to mention Llyn Foulkes, and Vito Lorusso? Yeah, you're gonna want to see this!

This exhibit will run October 27 thru November 24.
The gallery is open Wednesday thru Saturday, Noon - 5 PM

Coagula Curatorial
977 Chung King Road
Los Angeles CA 90012
(424) 2-COAGULA

Photo courtesy of Coagula Curatorial & Leigh Salgado

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