Friday, May 23, 2014

Work In Progress: Nicole Bruckman mural at Gabba Gallery

A little back story about worlds colliding - in November 2012, I walked into the now sadly defunct WWA Gallery, to see a group show about identity called "We Are Who We Pretend To Be". One of the artists that really captured my attention there was Nicole Bruckman.  Her work in the show had a particular ache to it. The central figures evoked a bittersweet sadness. I tend to be drawn to that sort of thing. Each painting also featured an animal of one kind or another. I would soon find out that the animal kingdom was a key element in her art. A couple months ago, Daniel Rolnik included me in a group show he had curated. Lo and behold, I found my work hanging alongside Nicole's, at a gallery where she just so happened to be the art director, Flower Pepper. The art world is funny like that. We eventually trip over each other.

I'll be doing a more in-depth profile of Nicole Bruckman when I formally interview her here in a couple weeks. In the meantime though, I wanted to let you all know that you can see Nicole live painting her very first mural at Gabba Gallery, tomorrow night at 8pm. Gabba's exhibit, "RAWR!" is an animal saturated bonanza of work from the likes of Essi Zim, Septerhed, Can'tStopGoodBoy, Nicole (of course), and a slew of others. In conjunction with the show, Nicole is painting a smallish mural featuring a parade of animals being led to the gallery door by the great King Atticus. Some of you may recognize Atticus from his frequent appearances at art shows, where he continues to shatter myths about pit bulls while bringing joy and comfort to everyone he meets. He's just may be the sweetest dog in all the land. He also turns up a lot in Nicole's paintings. I stopped by Gabba Gallery earlier this week to take some photos as Nicole started the initial work on the mural with the help of Simon Kangiser.  Apparently I left just before Atticus himself showed up. But his best friend Marcos Saldana sent me some pics to share with you all. Thanks Marcos!

RAWR! opens Saturday, May 24 and runs through June 22nd
Opening reception starts at 7pm
Nicole Bruckman live painting begins at 8pm

Gabba Gallery
3126 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90057

Some of the many preliminary sketches.

Simon Kangiser lends a hand.

Nicole super-sizing the transfer sketch.

Simon fighting the wind.

King Atticus supervises.

Atticus, & Nicole before wall prep. Jennifer Korsen on the door!

No mask warriors.

Simon makes quick work of party raccoon..

King's head.

Nicole's contribution to RAWR!

Photos #1, and 13-23 by Marcos Saldana

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